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HD In Car Accident Camera

Drive in Confidence with this HD In-Car Accident Camera! Features 360 Degree Recording, Built-In Memory, Infrared Day and Night Vision, Built-In Speakers and Mic, and Motion Detector. Only $29 for One, Or $49 for Two

Keep yourself and your family legally protected in case of an accident with this high definition in-car accident camera!

This motion detector camera automatically turns on and off when it senses movement to provide a 360 degree video recording of any potential car collisions and accidents.

This high definition camera records up to 1080p HD in colour, and features infrared day and night vision for all hours of driving

It features an SD card slot that can hold up to 32GB worth of recording, a charger, USB data cable to upload your recording to your computer or laptop and a mount bracket to attach it to your windscreen.

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